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Sunday, March 29, 2020, 3:30 pm 
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**As a clarification, the female Kershaw County patient who was one of the first two presumptive positives, first presented to the Kershaw medical facility March 3 and did not meet the CDC COVID-19 screening criteria. She was placed in isolation as a precaution on March 4. She was tested for the virus on March 5 and was transferred to a medical facility in the Midlands on March 6.**

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South Carolina Receives Allotment of Medical Supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile

South Carolina requested its full allotment from the Strategic National Stockpile, and on March 17, DHEC received its initial shipment, which was 55 pallets that contain N-95 masks, face shields, surgical masks, gowns, and gloves. The materials were distributed to all 46 counties on March 20 by the South Carolina National Guard.

The distribution of materials was data driven to ensure needs are fairly met based on county populations based on the 2010 Census and emergent needs. We anticipate a second allotment to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Carnival Cruise Line ship disembarked in Charleston on March 16, 2020

A Carnival Cruise Line ship disembarked in Charleston this morning. DHEC worked with the CDC Cruise Ship Task Force and the Senior Ship Physician aboard this vessel to ensure that no passengers were exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19. All 2,441 passengers have been regularly monitored throughout the duration of the trip, which was to Naussau, Bahamas.

Details about CDC recommendations and DHEC actions:

  • A DHEC physician called the CDC Emergency Operations Center and requested a call back from a subject matter expert related to COVID-19 and cruise ships.
  • While waiting for the CDC physician to return the DHEC physician’s call, DHEC spoke with a member of the port’s cruise ship operations. He indicated that the current plan was for the ship to have all passengers undergo a thermal scan and screening before disembarking.
  • The member of the port’s cruise ship operations also indicated that cruise ships have a health protocol that if triggered requires the ship to contact the CDC for guidance regarding a particular health concern, which would include screenings, quarantine, etc. By late afternoon Sunday, there had been no health issues on the ship that triggered the health protocol. Therefore, the ship had not made any contact with CDC.
  • A physician with the CDC COVID-19 Cruise Ship Task Force contacted the DHEC physician and recommended against temperature checks or other health screenings of passengers disembarking from Carnival Sunshine.
  • The CDC physician also checked the CDC’s database of cruise ship reports of ill passengers with symptoms consistent with potential COVID-19 and found none from the Carnival Sunshine.
  • The CDC physician advised that if DHEC or the cruise ship wanted to, they could provide a list of symptoms to watch for to disembarking passengers. DHEC provided the CDC’s travel health alert card to the cruise ship and recommended distribution to all passengers prior to or upon disembarking.



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