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For information on Construction Stormwater NOIs, Small MS4 Annual Reports, and additional provisions for Coastal Stormwater Construction Sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic, click here

The following forms were created to assist facilities with reporting required by construction or operating permits. Use of these forms is not mandatory. These forms are intended for guidance purposes only and may not be applicable to all facilities. Some forms require manipulation so that spreadsheets represent materials used at your facility.

In the coming months, six newly-permitted MS4 programs will begin implementation of the Construction Site Runoff Control and Post-Construction Stormwater Management Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) required in their permits. These MCMs require that each MS4 develop, implement, and enforce a program to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff from land-disturbing activities. Each program must include provisions for the review of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for construction activities occurring within their jurisdiction. On the dates noted below, SWPPPs and applications for construction activities must be submitted to the MS4s and receive approval from them prior to DHEC's issuance of coverage under the NPDES Construction General Permit. For projects located in Beaufort County, requests for NPDES Construction permit coverage and Coastal Zone Consistency (CZC) Certification can be submitted to DHEC concurrently with application to the MS4 should this be necessary to expedite permitting times.

A general flowchart for this process is available via the following link

The schedule for implementation for each of these MS4s is:

MS4 Date
Beaufort County (Unincorporated Areas)* July 1, 2017
Town of Bluffton* July 1, 2017
Town of Hilton Head Island* July 1, 2017
City of Clemson September 1, 2017
Clemson University September 1, 2017
Lancaster County (North of SC 5 and extending east to North Carolina state line) December 31, 2017

Addresses and contact information for all MS4 programs can be found by visiting here.

* CZC Determinations are required for projects located within these jurisdictions.

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